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Yes I've seen them on several occassions, started this thread about a pair I had.
These are crazy deals, especially the Churchills in brown. I picked up the black ones in 12D...if they don't fit they'll be back up here at cost.
I don't see why you wouldn't pursue the MBA path, it is really a silver bullet for people in your situation. Do something "special" in your current job that will make for a nice essay, rock the gmat, then shoot for the stars. It seems like the trend in MBA admissions is to diversify the student body (read accept more applicants with non-finance backgrounds) which should help you out. If you land at a top 10 b-school you will have plenty of opportunities. I would...
Sounds exactly like me a year ago. Do it for sure.
Reviving an old thread because I'm looking to have this done locally in NYC. Has anyone here in New York had this done successfully? I don't have a go-to tailor that I'm confident enough in at the moment.
It is no joke. I took a brief course, had good training materials, and had all the anecdotal experiences of peers who had already taken it....and I still found it pretty challenging. The guys who half-assed studying almost all failed on the first go around.
Quote: Originally Posted by Saturdays Thanks, I haven't been avoiding this technique. It's just getting your foot in sometimes means being a Administrative Assistant which usually is simply being a Secretary. Point is I have been doing this to a certain extent with me filtering out the jobs that can open up to bigger, better or different opportunities. Maybe I should widen my scope a little. Thanks for the advise, gives me something more to apply and...
I told somebody else this a while back and I still think it holds true...get your foot in the door anyway you can at a big company you'd like to work for. It really doesn't matter what function (HR, marketing, sales, etc.), once you get in a move into finance will be much easier. If your dad works at HP I have to imagine he could set you up with interviews somewhere in the company. If you are ambitious and willing to network it's not hard to move around a big company...
Bought a pair of shell Alden PTB's from phantomx48. Fantastic seller, shipped the day I paid and the shoes are great (at an even better price).
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