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Quote: Originally Posted by eml4sker You can always leave banking for F100. The other direction is more difficult. This, end of story.
Quote: Originally Posted by el duderino Older models have the downward loop which were reversed after the Levis lawsuit. Cut hasn't changed as far as I could tell when trying on newer models. Quote: Originally Posted by westinghouse The older ones (downward) do fit tighter in the waist. Thanks. I have an older pair of 32x32's (not sure if they were rigid or rinse) that have stretched out to about 35-36" in the...
I've noticed that the straight leg cut has two different back pocket designs. One that loops "upward" and one that loops "downward". Is this purely cosmetic or does one represent an updated cut? Is one newer than the other? Sorry if this has been answered before, it's not the easiest thing to search for.
Are these Grensons? They look great. Stephen Kempler Handmade Shoes
Never been but I've heard Portugal is cheap. Flights over there are usually reasonable too.
I have C&J's similar to the tan ones posted above and they are great. I don't love tassel loafers but the finish on this pair of EG's I sold was the nicest I've ever seen.
If you can't afford to eat here, grab a drink at the bar. Definitely one of the coolest places I've ever had a drink. Kronenhalle
Really disappointing that MaoMao's pics are no longer available, they were beautiful. I was able to find a photo book here with some really nice pics from maestro Liverano's shop. For all the talk about Savile Row and Naples, I think the Florentine tailors really fly under the radar. Although the sample size is small, I've yet to see anything from Liverano that isn't droolworthy. I especially love the symmetry of the lapel roll and the open quarters. I lifted the...
To me it looks like they were overpolished and the polish has flaked off. In that case its really not the end of the world. The lighter unpolished areas look better than the mirror polished toe IMO. In the OP's defense B. Nelson put on a thick layer of polish when I had my shoes resoled even though I specifically asked them not to. Use the inside of an athletic sock and buff like crazy -- remove as much of the gunk as possible. Beyond that daily wear and regular use...
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