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I'm a 12. Not selling now but might at some point down the line.
Those are a pair I sold a few years back. I've never had a pair polish up that nice before or since, they really glowed. I sold them for a song compared to what they go for now.I have a pair of these too in dark oak. Don't really fit me though so I never wear them.
Generally works out for me this way for me too though I'd hate to quantify the time component.
I've been by a few times and thought they offered a pretty good value for the money. They have a 38L which fits me well off the rack. Just wish they made a 3-button model with the soft Roma shoulder.
My size isn't here but I appreciate you doing this nonetheless, this sale harkens back to the old days of B&S when there were great deals to be had all the time. Hopefully others will follow suit.
They were really a pleasure to work on. I've actually owned a couple of these older bespoke shoes and have learned the hard way that the leather is much more delicate than a brand new pair, so I was hesitant to strip them. It probably would have made them look even better but I didn't think the incremental improvement justified the risk.It's really a shame that these were polished so heavily in the creases then left to sit for years, maybe decades. IME these should...
Would be happy to do the same, I'm no professional but I've restored several pairs in similar condition (you can check out some of my older threads). I'm local to you here in NYC. PM me if you're interested.
↑government subsidies = ↑tuition = ↓affordability for foreign students = ↓foreign students = ↓educated foreigners deciding to stay in this country
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