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Nice pair of C&J loafers at a good BIN: Link Would kill for something similar in my size, if anyone is looking to sell a pair of loafers in size 12 please PM me.
Yep I own a pair in dark oak and they are amazing. Actually have been lucky enough to own all three of the above.
Barksdale : Grant : Addison
I'm a 12. Not selling now but might at some point down the line.
Those are a pair I sold a few years back. I've never had a pair polish up that nice before or since, they really glowed. I sold them for a song compared to what they go for now.I have a pair of these too in dark oak. Don't really fit me though so I never wear them.
Generally works out for me this way for me too though I'd hate to quantify the time component.
I've been by a few times and thought they offered a pretty good value for the money. They have a 38L which fits me well off the rack. Just wish they made a 3-button model with the soft Roma shoulder.
My size isn't here but I appreciate you doing this nonetheless, this sale harkens back to the old days of B&S when there were great deals to be had all the time. Hopefully others will follow suit.
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