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This makes sense but I've noticed SAB uses different names for their colors. Any idea what SAB's colors (London Tan, Havana and Chestnut) equate to in Sedgwick nomenclature?
I have the Darlton Tassel loafers in 12D, almost new condition with shoe bags. Would be willing to trade for a pair of the Darlton Penny loafers in 12D. Can provide pics if anyone is interested. Am always in the market for jodhpurs as well.
Hi, I am looking to buy a solid pair of boots in size 12 US. In british sizes I tend to run between 11 and 11.5 depending on the last. Have been scouring ebay for the past month or so but haven't seen anything worthwhile. Prefer something in the C&J, Alfred Sargent, Alden quality range but am willing to look at anything right now. Let me know what you have. Thanks, Nate
No need to polish shell ever, renovateur provides enough of a shine. Crema Alpina gives an even better shine if you can find it.Most of them do yes. Using the inside of an athletic sock you can buff out some really bad scratches if you use enough elbow grease. The buffing will mar the surface a bit though, to bring back the shine just apply renovateur. For the worst scratches I have some creme cordovan from Saphir...rarely necessary though.
Nice pair of C&J loafers at a good BIN: Link Would kill for something similar in my size, if anyone is looking to sell a pair of loafers in size 12 please PM me.
Yep I own a pair in dark oak and they are amazing. Actually have been lucky enough to own all three of the above.
Barksdale : Grant : Addison
I'm a 12. Not selling now but might at some point down the line.
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