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Barney's had their all leather duffel (Hercules) on sale a few months ago. Not sure if they still make that model but I can confirm the quality was incredible.
I'd buy these and resole them if they were my size: EG for RLPL Oxfords
Foo I think your setup looks pretty good. The photo exposure on Tumblr will definitely help drive people to the wordpress site. Like others have said, keep a steady flow of content and the followers will come. For me my Tumblr is just a place to catalog photos I like. I had always done this by just downloading them to my harddrive but having an online space to do so makes it more enjoyable. The user interface is pretty slick and you can create a decent looking blog...
For $440 I can't imagine what wouldn't be better than these. They look like they're corrected grain calf. If you really like this style you could get a pair of Aldens that will at least be full grain. C&J, Sargent, and Grenson can be had for this price (or even less if you're patient) and will be considerably better.
For your consideration I have two Drake's ties I picked up from the sample sale in December. I was there on day one and thought these were the best two for sale at the time. They are new with tags. I'm only asking $75 shipped CONUS for each tie. I'm not flipping these for a profit like others have, just thought I would pass them along to forumites who weren't able to attend the sale. 1. Brown, White, and Red regimental striped shantung tie. Great colors and nubby...
Is this the fabric you went with? Doesn't look like a herringbone in these pics but its probably just the distance/resolution.
NoYesPretty much
Finally got around to taking pics of the ties I bought. As I mentioned all three are for sale at cost to anyone who wasn't able to make it to the sale. PM me for detailed photos if you're interested.
Nice sale, I swung by and picked up the best three ties I saw: - Navy, blue, green silk neat - Navy/white micro pattern wool (feels like cashmere) - Brown, white, burgundy shantung repp If any out-of-towners are interested PM me, I'm happy to pass them along at cost. My original intention was to sell all three as a public service but they are so nice I'm now contemplating keeping one for myself.
Hate to necrobump but does anyone have any recommendations? Looking to stay under $60.
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