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Wow....just wow. Simon Baker?
Anyone familiar with this guy from Etsy? Seems like pretty nice stuff and the prices are solid. RFClark Saddlery
^ This is the best advice in this thread. Lulz at the guys telling a summer intern who "knows nothing" about clothes to look into MTM/bespoke. Having been in your shoes: - Don't go out and drop $3k all at once. Your tastes will evolve and you will come to lament your first purchases...minimize the financial damage - Even at big law firms in Manhattan people don't dress particularly well, nor do they pay much attention to how others dress (especially associates) - One...
I saw them here.
Last is crazy nice.
Watching this play out live is unbelievable. I think the degree to which this event was documented in real time is historic. Agree this has got to be the marathon bombers, hopefully it ends here. http://www.theatlanticwire.com/national/2013/04/theres-shooter-loose-and-officer-down-mit/64379/
Doesn't really look like either of the suspects but yeah this is crazy. Hoping these are the guys.
Which E34? That has to be my favorite BMW design of all time.
Barney's had their all leather duffel (Hercules) on sale a few months ago. Not sure if they still make that model but I can confirm the quality was incredible.
I'd buy these and resole them if they were my size: EG for RLPL Oxfords
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