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I'm happy to take the reins on this. Seems like we have 17-20 people who are interested, hopefully we can get a few more and make this happen. I will reach out to EFF to see about pricing and logistics.
Cool, never saw that website. Doesn't seem like they do an adjustable with a leather strap though?
+1. How many people do we need to make this happen?
This should be pinned. If you don't have prior experience in PE you won't land at a blue-chip firm as a post-MBA associate...period. Your only chance is to network your way into a small firm in a secondary city, ideally one that invests in a sector you have some experience with. I'd bet the majority of shops don't even recruit post-MBA associates, and the ones that do focus on HBS and GSB and maybe Wharton to a lesser degree. Columbia and Booth aren't on their...
Anyone who wants to be an IB associate can be one, that said I can't imagine why anyone would want it in this day and age. You get paid peanuts, you work like an analyst, and you have no exit opportunities. As the person above said, PE will be next to impossible, there is unlimited demand for a finite number of positions, even with prior experience and HBS on the resume it is still a crapshoot.Just go do consulting, corp fin, or something where you have enough free time...
I'd be in, especially for a solid mid/light gray ebbets field with a leather strap. I really like the ones they make with a flannely material like this:
Have been looking at these for a while and am ready to pull the trigger. I definitely need the old, longer fit though. Can be new or used, pretty indifferent on color. Let me know if you have one you're looking to let go of now that they are out of season.
I looked at the Marcelino website and really don't understand the pricing. Especially when you can get comparably priced British bridle cases from RFClarkSaddlery, Glenroyal from Linkson Jack, even SAB on sale at Brooks Brothers.
First ones are a pair I sold some years ago. Crockett & Jones for Polo RL.
I don't know about luxury but you should check out Sixt. Always seemed to me they had nicer cars than the American rental car companies. I rented from them when I was over in Germany and didn't have any problems.
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