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First ones are a pair I sold some years ago. Crockett & Jones for Polo RL.
I don't know about luxury but you should check out Sixt. Always seemed to me they had nicer cars than the American rental car companies. I rented from them when I was over in Germany and didn't have any problems.
I haven't been there yet but many have recommended Whistle in the East Village. Might be worth reading the yelp reviews to see if there is a stylist you would prefer.
Wow....just wow. Simon Baker?
Anyone familiar with this guy from Etsy? Seems like pretty nice stuff and the prices are solid. RFClark Saddlery
^ This is the best advice in this thread. Lulz at the guys telling a summer intern who "knows nothing" about clothes to look into MTM/bespoke. Having been in your shoes: - Don't go out and drop $3k all at once. Your tastes will evolve and you will come to lament your first purchases...minimize the financial damage - Even at big law firms in Manhattan people don't dress particularly well, nor do they pay much attention to how others dress (especially associates) - One...
I saw them here.
Last is crazy nice.
Which E34? That has to be my favorite BMW design of all time.
Barney's had their all leather duffel (Hercules) on sale a few months ago. Not sure if they still make that model but I can confirm the quality was incredible.
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