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Quote: Originally Posted by AlanC Sorry to spoil your imaginary world where all thinking original people love Duke, but I've hated them for a couple of decades now. Don't worry, I also hate UNC and pretty much the entire ACC. My view of college basketball is very centered and thought out. The latest ACC homer isn't going to have any impact on it. I don't expect everyone to love Duke but I can't imagine why an adult would feel compelled enough...
I really think a lot of the Duke hate can be attributed to the UNC propaganda machine. Guys like Stuart Scott and Kenny Smith don't make any attempt to hide their hatred for Duke, in fact they openly celebrate it. Hating Duke is the cool thing to do and most sports fans are sheep who eagerly jump on the bandwagon. Quote: Originally Posted by AlanC ^No, I hated Duke well before that. It's simply an illustration of the kind of slobbering favoritism that...
Yikes historic beat down in Durham. I know UNC is down but I didn't realize it was this bad.
Quote: Originally Posted by onijo84 Btw, nv buy RRL at those retail prices. Seriously. What are the retail prices for RRL these days? On Farinelli's it looks like the "one-rinse" has a regular price of $225 and the "raw selvedge" is $220. Is that the same as what they sell for at the RL store? I don't think I've ever paid full retail for anything since I joined SF but if they really are $220 - $100 store credit doesn't seem insane for jeans...
Quote: Originally Posted by Hard2Fit Fair enough. (31 is a pretty rare size.) Yeah I'd probably take a 32-34 or 30-34 as well but honestly I never see any RRL's on ebay that don't have some kind of wash. My 32-32's are a little big in the waist and about .5" short.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hard2Fit Plz don't. RRL jeans are easily available on eBay for 60-70% off retail. In 31-34 straight leg w/no wash? I've been looking for months and haven't found any.
Do I really have to register to see how much shipping is?
Have a gift certificate and RL store credit so I may go to the store and actually buy some RRL jeans at full price If I want the raw, unwashed, solid indigo SF approved straight legs... what do I ask for and how much will they cost? Is that model even still available? My local RL store rarely gets RRL so the SA's there are usually useless. I already have a pair that I love but I bought them second hand several years ago and am not completely sure what the the current...
Amazing. That's about as close to perfect as it gets.
My favorite last/color:
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