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Yikes historic beat down in Durham. I know UNC is down but I didn't realize it was this bad.
Quote: Originally Posted by onijo84 Btw, nv buy RRL at those retail prices. Seriously. What are the retail prices for RRL these days? On Farinelli's it looks like the "one-rinse" has a regular price of $225 and the "raw selvedge" is $220. Is that the same as what they sell for at the RL store? I don't think I've ever paid full retail for anything since I joined SF but if they really are $220 - $100 store credit doesn't seem insane for jeans...
Quote: Originally Posted by Hard2Fit Fair enough. (31 is a pretty rare size.) Yeah I'd probably take a 32-34 or 30-34 as well but honestly I never see any RRL's on ebay that don't have some kind of wash. My 32-32's are a little big in the waist and about .5" short.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hard2Fit Plz don't. RRL jeans are easily available on eBay for 60-70% off retail. In 31-34 straight leg w/no wash? I've been looking for months and haven't found any.
Do I really have to register to see how much shipping is?
Have a gift certificate and RL store credit so I may go to the store and actually buy some RRL jeans at full price If I want the raw, unwashed, solid indigo SF approved straight legs... what do I ask for and how much will they cost? Is that model even still available? My local RL store rarely gets RRL so the SA's there are usually useless. I already have a pair that I love but I bought them second hand several years ago and am not completely sure what the the current...
Amazing. That's about as close to perfect as it gets.
My favorite last/color:
Quote: Originally Posted by Oyaji Size and last info? That doesn't look nearly as snouty as most G&G's I've seen.
For your consideration a lovely pair of black oxfords from JM Weston in size 9.5 C. I'm not super familiar with Weston but I was extremely impressed with the quality of the construction on these. These are several years old and look to be a bit nicer than what they produce today. The leather is similar to my Lobbs, it is firm and shows almost no creasing. The last is a gorgeous soft chisel and the shoes have a muscular shape that reminds me of the bespoke shoes I've...
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