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Quote: Originally Posted by Hard2Fit Plz don't. RRL jeans are easily available on eBay for 60-70% off retail. In 31-34 straight leg w/no wash? I've been looking for months and haven't found any.
Do I really have to register to see how much shipping is?
Have a gift certificate and RL store credit so I may go to the store and actually buy some RRL jeans at full price If I want the raw, unwashed, solid indigo SF approved straight legs... what do I ask for and how much will they cost? Is that model even still available? My local RL store rarely gets RRL so the SA's there are usually useless. I already have a pair that I love but I bought them second hand several years ago and am not completely sure what the the current...
Amazing. That's about as close to perfect as it gets.
My favorite last/color:
Quote: Originally Posted by Oyaji Size and last info? That doesn't look nearly as snouty as most G&G's I've seen.
For your consideration a lovely pair of black oxfords from JM Weston in size 9.5 C. I'm not super familiar with Weston but I was extremely impressed with the quality of the construction on these. These are several years old and look to be a bit nicer than what they produce today. The leather is similar to my Lobbs, it is firm and shows almost no creasing. The last is a gorgeous soft chisel and the shoes have a muscular shape that reminds me of the bespoke shoes I've...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sebastian_Flyte public service announcement: BN Ermenegildo Zegna 38L navy suit available for very good price: http://cgi.ebay.com/3-500-NWT-Ermene...ht_8161wt_1200 I've bought from this seller before and have been extremely pleased Ventless? 25" sleeves?" Something about that suit screams 90's to me, a good price though.
Will anything sold today look like this 80 years from now? Even the 5-10 year old bridle leather SAB's I see don't seem like they patina this way. Was the leather they used back then better quality or just a different type? Anyway somebody buy this please.
Holes in the medallion don't look deep enough to be shell to me but it could just be the type of cordovan used. I would guess they are shell but I wouldn't be confident enough to bid on these just from pics. Also the color is never this uniform on the shell shoes I've handled. Anybody who claims they can tell these are shell just by the creasing obviously isn't familiar with CG, it can wrinkle this way too and look exactly like shell in pics. I think it's more telling...
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