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Final drop on the Aldens before ebay. I sold a used pair for about this much a few months ago.
Nice deal for someone.
Price drops on the 2 remaining pairs. I thought #1 was the best deal of the bunch, shows how much I know.
^^^ I don't think its that dire if you know what you want and are willing to really go after it. You work in marketing now? There are a million different roles at the big banks, you might look for something in marketing or communications to get your foot in the door. Tell them you're interested in the role because it allows you to "pursue your interest in financial services while leveraging your work experience in marketing yada yada" I really emphasize you should take...
Network with as many alumni from your school as you can, especially the ones at BofA or Wells. I doubt you have any real chance unless you build relationships with people on the inside. As a recent graduate you don't have a whole lot to offer an employer, being interested and persistent are about the only things you can do to distinguish yourself. Luckily, Charlotte is about as good a city as you could hope for in terms of finance opportunities. I would take just about...
1. A stunning pair of wingtips made by Alden for Brooks Brothers in Number 8 Shell Cordovan. I believe these are on the desirable plaza last. As you can see the shoes are new. The uppers have a few very minor nicks from shipping, nothing you wouldn't see on a display model. The only real imperfection is a bit of plastic that has rubbed off one of the metal eyelets. This is almost unnoticeable but I thought it was worth mentioning. You can see it in the closeup shot...
Extremely impressed with Butler and Brad Stevens. I think he's going to be a household name in the future. Quite a game, lucky I got to be in Durham for the celebration last night.
As the title implies, I'm looking to add another black oxford to the rotation. Preferably english made though I also like Alden. I have a pair of C+J's in 11F UK that I love but think they need a little rest.
New Posts  All Forums: