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Are you kidding. I was wondering around midtown this morning with nothing to do, actually walked by bloomingdales but didnt go in.
Went by there yesterday and they were closed in his honor. I'll probably drop in sometime tomorrow, really love the store.
For your consideration a vintage sportcoat made by Chipp in New York. As far as I can tell this was a bespoke item. There is a tag inside with the name "Alfred Stern 9/1/82". Obviously there is no tagged size but I think it measures to a 38 or 39 L. Please check out my measurements below. The jacket is made from a medium weight khaki cotton. It features a 3-roll-2 button stance, double vented back, and a ticket pocket. The soft shoulders, two-button cuffs, and retro...
Quote: Originally Posted by HRoi next time check the option that bans people who live in countries you won't ship to from bidding... I'm in exactly the same boat - guess I missed this specific option. I specified no international shipping but realized everyone who has bid on my item is foreign (japan, germany, italy fuuu). Just hoping someone from the US wins and this will be a moot point.
For your consideration a lovely pair of captoe oxfords made by Edward Green. This is a vintage pair, judging by the logo I'd guess they were made in the 80's or 90's. The uppers are similar to the modern burgundy antique, the main difference being that the toe is lighter on this pair (as opposed to the darker toe seen today). As you can see they have developed a beautiful patina. These are marked 12D and are on the classic 88 last. This last is narrow, I would say...
^^Ha I was just about to say those tan wingtips (C&J by the way) will last about 3 minutes.
For your consideration a pair of split toe blutchers from Crockett and Jones. This is the Falmouth model with rich brown pebble grain uppers. It also features sturdy dainite soles and a storm welt which make this pair perfect for inclement weather. They are used but as you can see from the pictures are in near perfect condition. These are marked 10E which is UK sizing. I really want to move these so am only asking $135 shipped CONUS SOLD. PM me with any...
Price drop to $215.
^^^ Agreed. I wouldn't count on an HR rep remembering you, but if there is an individual at the company you made a connection with it would probably be worth following up with them from time to time.
Starting a new job and really need another conservative shoe. Let me know if you have anything.
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