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Agreed, go for what you love. With that said, definitely take a look at Simon Baker's stuff before you pull the trigger on a SAB. SAB is obviously nice but Simon's work, at least in photos, just looks more special.Of course, I've never owned either so take my opinion with a grain of salt.
I've dealt withI've dealt with this a bunch, 95% is elbow grease. I always use the fuzzy inside of an athletic sock to buff off all the excess polish. This can take hours and multiple socks if it is really bad. Once you get to a point where the sock isn't really picking up any more polish, massage in a thin layer of renovateur into the cordovan and buff again with a clean sock. It will remove any leftover polish and give them a nice matte shine. I usually finish off...
^^^You win
Lol Spurs in collapse mode.
All the hats should be shipped now and all the domestic buyers should have received tracking numbers via email, let me know if you didn't get one.
That happened to me too although it was 2009 and my entire group was basically shuttered (MBS group at a big bank). I took a few months off, swallowed my pride and went back to the same bank in a corporate finance role, and within 5 months got picked up by an IBD group. Ended up in a much better place even though I basically lost a year in the process.Was your first job in IB? Get a finance job as proximate to banking as possible --> build relationships with as many...
Hats have arrived Looks like they got all the details right. I am going to do my best to get them shipped out by the end of the week. Will send tracking info to all the domestic buyers. Hope you guys like them.
Got shipping confirmation today, hats should get to me late next week. I will try may best to get everything shipped out the week of April 7th. Will take some pics when they arrive.
I approved a proof from them and my credit card was charged a few days after my last post. At that point they were targeting early April. Haven't had any updates since but can reach out next week and check on progress.
Maybe not technically Italian but certainly Continental:
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