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Specifically: Why don't you make the bed before taking the pictures you are going to post here? Are you in such a hurry to show others how good and neat you look, that you forgot how dirty and untidy the room you are in is? I suggest to gather the most embarrassing pictures in this thread to teach a lesson to the guilty or just to learn from sb else's mistakes (or have a laugh so to speak).
Quote: Originally Posted by zippyh Contrary to the fine print, the current 30% off J Crew SNOWMAN code seems to be working on the Belstaff and other non J Crew stuff. Also, Milan Clothing in the UK has Belstaff 20% off (BELSTAFF20). Warning about Milan though. Last order (PS boots) from them took almost a month to arrive and the box was demolished. UK Postal strike didn't help either. At least I didn't get dinged with customs. I like my Roadmaster...
Quote: Originally Posted by sq4you Belstaff Roadmaster on JCrew Its the same jacket as you can get elsewhere. I believe I heard recently that JCrew is not going to be selling the Belstaff's anymore. I can't remember the reason why. I think it had to do with some legal issues. They sell them in certain JCrew stores (like in NY) and on the website. If i remember correctly, they had four available (Road Master, Che Guevara, Trial or Trail master, and a...
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 you guys post some of the worst shit i have ever seen in here. Don't you like this one or what?
Quote: Originally Posted by gin8u I noticed J crew has an olive-colored Belstaff jacket, which retails for a bit more than the 300€ sale price. Should one be staying away from the J Crew version and buy directly online, despite living in Canada? What model is it? Link?
I always wanted to have this one.
Quote: Originally Posted by Wu Dynasty If I recall correctly, in that particular Steve Mcqueen picture, Steve is wearing a Barbour International, though he was known to be a big fan of Belstaff. Also, the jacket Will Smith wore in I Am Legend is a Belstaff Trialmaster, not a Roadmaster. I know, it's a similar jacket to the roadmaster, just longer. The picture was to ilustrate how it really looks the the same waxed fabric. I'm pretty sure a lot...
Quote: Originally Posted by towen It was Steve McQueen. I own the Roadmaster and I love it. I don't really love the look of the Redford, but its not terrible. How much does it cost to have the jacket rewaxed? And a wax can to do it yourself? I think Steve McQueen had enough money to pay someone to do that staff...
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