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¿A gmail account and not ""?
The first girl erased her post in this thread!. Coward... I live in Spain, near a couple of Carmina stores. A lot of people has sent me a message because I'm selling a couple of shoes and posted I could replace the soles and buy a brad new pair of whatever they wanted and include it in the package. I never thought about being an intermediary for a profit, but it seems this brand is no longer available outside Spain (except in France, they keep at least one store open). If you are interested... Quote: Quote: Quote: Quote:
Thank you. It's weird because of their size charts. Some brands allow 2 number sizes per letter to avoid it or have at least have parity between numbers (EU size = UK/US +10).
Are women more untidy than men?
I found a thread about this jacket fitting:
Quote: Originally Posted by sq4you ^ u go any tighter on that jacket and it will start look ridiculous. that's pretty much how i wear mine. maybe if u were REALLY cold u could tighten the belt one more notch. i just noticed the guy in the pic has it on notch 1. i normally wear mine on notch 2 to get the same look. This is how the owner's son (and creative director) wears it. Is this a Roadmaster?
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