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Quote: Originally Posted by dave yes. the pre-itialian ones will be because they were made properly and not by a fashion house. beyond that they get more expensive with age more or less. But this brand was not that expensive when was done in UK. So resellers are profiting from the italian popularity and price rise, despite declaring their opposition to it as a main argument to ask that much.
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini
Quote: Originally Posted by sq4you English made trialmaster for sale. good condition. All the new models (including mine) are made in Italy. Are the used vintage jackets really more expensive than the brand new ones?
Quote: Originally Posted by DLester that show had the best theme song in television history. thank you Quincy J. What show was that?
Quote: Originally Posted by m@T i dont think this guy will ever buy a jacket I can always start a trousers thread then.
We have a winner! He made his bed before taking the picture.
Quote: Originally Posted by gawkrodger I'm a big Belstaff fan. I've actually owned both jackets in the OP and I'd recommend the Redford. It's slightly different and surprisingly warm. Definetly not a jacket for summer! Here's a WAYWT post of me wearing it. I'm 5ft 10", 68kgs and wearing a small How is that you have an S if you wear a 38? I have the same jacket size, and I couldn't fit in the S. I have doubts between the M and L. The M...
Quote: Originally Posted by mr. magoo The other option is to take photos of the shoes in the store, which, if memory serves, has broader selection than what's available even in the catalog and photograph quite well. If you did that, I think you'd generate significant interest. If you do searches on here and AskAndy, you'll see some past interest and photos. For example: Can not find...
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