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No one?
I wonder if this combination could work. Does brown shoes have always to be same tone or darker than the jacket? Can you only wear a brown jacket with brown shoes? Because it's clear black shoes don't look good with a brown jacket, even a really dark one.
And I forgot to say, chinese sizes are even smaller. US S = EU M = CH L
Quote: Originally Posted by wannabeagiant Off topic but I'm curious as to how sizing is in Europe. Is it like this (38 med, 40 large)? I'm a 40" chest and a lot of North American mediums are a little baggy on me. Yes, 40 is large. In the US sizes use to be one letter less. L = M (US)
Quote: Originally Posted by Lel Seems right. I'm about a 34/36 and he's got ~20 lb on me so I don't see how a 38 correlating to a S is so weird (aren't smalls usually a 38?). I'm surprised it fits him so well though, didn't know Belstaff were cut that nicely. 38 is medium for sure. 34-36 is small. And 40 is large. (+10 for US sizes) What about the sleeve length? Do these jackets have longer sleeves than needed, just to fit fine when...
Any leather expert in the forum?
Due to the different kind of tans, dyes and finishing processes applied to the leathers, it seems really hard to tell what is what. I've found that buffalo can be sold as horse, and even cow could look as lamb. We could use this thread to post our doubts (and pictures) about leathers. This is a guide with pictures I found -> http://www.goodwearleather.com/pages/leather.html I have two jackets which I though were made of lamb, since they are fashion style and quite...
Does this thread go in Streetwear and Denim?
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