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Posts by zeroize It is called "Belstaff Rummer Jacket", but I can't find it anywhere else. I google it and all links point to this store.
Quote: Originally Posted by ferguscan double post Where is the original thread?
Quote: Originally Posted by ferguscan I have jackets from Canali, Corneliani, Belvest, and Polo Ralph Lauren (made in USA), amongst others. They all have chests measuring in the vicinity of 2" above the jacket size. And that's using the guide you linked to. I believe maybe a very few RTW jackets measure to 4" above the jacket size, but this is retarded and rare. Stuart What about coats? I have an italian leather jacket that is size...
Quote: Originally Posted by ferguscan 4" is not average for an RTW suit jacket. 2" is. AFAIK, size up another 2" for an overcoat. Stuart I got the 4" from here. Is it wrong then? ->
If your chest measures 40" you likely wear a size 40 (suit) jacket. If you measure the jacket, it is 4” larger than the actual chest measurement, so the real size would be 44". I was wondering how many inches are added to each kind of garment. 4" seems to be the average for a suit jacket, so you can breath and wear a shirt underneath. What about overcoats, is there an average measure relation too, so you can wear a jacket or cardigan and breath? And sport leather jackets?
Quote: Originally Posted by AndrewRyanWallace You cannot do this it is absolutely illegal never do this it is wrong. There are rules when it comes to fashionz. Great to know.
Quote: Originally Posted by hamish5178 In a casual context? I doubt many would agree with you. I do, but the question was about matching jacket and shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Clemson What kind of shoes are those by the way? Ankle boots? I don't know the brand, it's just a picture to illustrate.
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