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12 Via Roma Casalnuovo Naples is a building where Isaia Spa is located. I would guess there is a factory there that produces for a few brands?
Stefano Giampaolo founded the company in 1985.Located in Cassamassina - in Apulia if memory serves me - in the province of Bari, the home of Stefano.All their shirts are 100% made in Italy throughout. Don't think China has anything to do with them unless there are Chinese workers employed in Italy.The idea was to provide the workingman with a shirt of high quality to enjoy. Most have 4 steps by hand and the top range (7 su 7) has seven with thick mother of pearl buttons,...
So, why is this brand a fake or rip off then.They are a legitimate shoe company in Montenegrano, the Northhampton of Itlay.In fact they have been operating around the same time as Silvano.http://www.lattanzigianfranco.it/Some people do have the same surnames. It's not uncommon. Some artisans even have the same forename & surname.For instance, who is the fake Salvatore Piccolo then?
I also have two pairs of Ermenegildo Zegna pants that have the Barcelona tag inside. EZETI.SL. CIF B60690179 Ronda Dels Mallols No 23-27 01892 Sant Quirze Del Valles (Barcelona) The company name is Ezeti Sociedad Limitada http://en.datocapital.com/EZETI-SL.html as you can see from the info (link) it is EZ Spain
Picked up 2 polo shirts from Drake's factory shop this afternoon. One Fedeli for Drake's white cotton pique long sleeve for £65 (originally £185) and a Fred Perry fro drakes paisley short sleeve for £35 (originally £95). Really gutted as last year I bought a sleeveless cashmere cardigan from clifford st for £295. They had the same ones in the FS for £125. One was the same size and colour as mine I have already had 3 pairs of cashmere socks at £20 each, a cashmere scarf...
Apart from sending them back to the manufacturer, does anyone know somewhere in London that would do as good a job as mentioned as B.Nelson? Also, could someone inform me of the current price for a full Church's refurbishment? I would also be interested to know if any repeat customer has noticed of any change in the standard of the service since the switch of ownership. Thanks.
Yoox>>>>> Sartorio Napoli jackets, misplaced in Bagnoli Sartoria Napoli......at good prices. I have already captured 2 alpaca/wool plaid ones, and there is another on the page that has just been sold -which I had my eye on ( 3rd row down left) This one I am sure is also Sartorio. It is of a Linen, Silk and Cashmere compostionhttp://www.yoox.com/uk/41400173NX/item?dept=men#sts=sr_men80&cod10=41400173NX&sizeId= and a neapolitan cut ( 7th row right) for only £188.
No, but in large at these 2 places if you are interestedhttp://www.tessuti.co.uk/126134/126134-si-quilted-overshirthttp://www.tessuti.co.uk/126134/126134-si-quilted-overshirt
Sorry to say though even the ones made outside of Italy used to have a label saying the finishing and QC were undertaken in Italy. I spoke to someone only today who had to return a SI Muslin jacket as water came through the seams. Now that is the first time in over 20 yrs I have heard anything like that. The material on one of my made in Romania jackets I bought 2012 also split at the side of the seam when it stretched. Now I have put older jackets through hell over the...
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