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Are these Cordovan. If so they are £106 on in size 6UK on YOOX.
Just notice this new placket on the Truzzi washed casual range. From what I can derive from looking is that it may have something to do with keeping shape when tucked in? You know, when the shirt rises and parts at the waistline when tucked in and looks unflattering. Is this a design to combat that? I don't know if anyone has come across this before, but it's is the first time I have ever seen a shirt placket like this. Has anyone got a shirt like this, is the design...
I suppose this is old news by now, but Rayner and Sturges, who acquired Cleeve shirtmakers(Chard, Somerset, England) in 2010, have now been bought out by Drake's.
Thanks.Ordered a tie from Gianni at PC that will work nice with the shirt.I have a few different pieces to wear it with. However, I plan on busting it out for the first time to a friends wedding this summer. I am wearing it with a grey Sartorio, cuffed linen/cotton suit and, probably, black Chetwynd wingtips. Maybe a lapel flower pin same colour as the stripes.Haven't decided on the tie and links yet. see how I feel on the day.The pics of those VDR shirts don't do them...
Excuse the poor pics.
Just for you I will oblige shortly.......
Over the last 6/7 weeks (unworn unless stated) Shirts: Borrelli (x2) Vincenzo di Ruggiero (x2) Kiton Giampaolo Ties: Borrelli (x2) Drake's St Andrews (worn once) Sportcoat by Sartorio ( worn once ) and a pair of Santoni sneakers ( worn about 4 times). No Porsche Cayman though Anyone want to see pics just ask.
12 Via Roma Casalnuovo Naples is a building where Isaia Spa is located. I would guess there is a factory there that produces for a few brands?
Stefano Giampaolo founded the company in 1985.Located in Cassamassina - in Apulia if memory serves me - in the province of Bari, the home of Stefano.All their shirts are 100% made in Italy throughout. Don't think China has anything to do with them unless there are Chinese workers employed in Italy.The idea was to provide the workingman with a shirt of high quality to enjoy. Most have 4 steps by hand and the top range (7 su 7) has seven with thick mother of pearl buttons,...
So, why is this brand a fake or rip off then.They are a legitimate shoe company in Montenegrano, the Northhampton of Itlay.In fact they have been operating around the same time as Silvano.http://www.lattanzigianfranco.it/Some people do have the same surnames. It's not uncommon. Some artisans even have the same forename & surname.For instance, who is the fake Salvatore Piccolo then?
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