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It is strange that you would do this to Banana Republic. This is because I thought that this brand was supposed to be superior to Gap.However, I'm very surprised that Banana Republic clothes have ever been made in Italy.
That's funny!What is wrong with French? Is it because they do not take a bath as much?
If you post this on Streetwear forum, it may be more likely that you will get some helped with a lots of sarcasm.
Actually, I like this combination. The thing is you will wearing these suits to the party so you do NOT want to be too formal so wearing colorful tie is a wise thing to do.
You mean Baht, yes? Regardless, yes, your dollars go very far here in ThailandYou can travel luxuriously anywhere you want to go even in South East Asia. If you happen to be in Bangkok, I might be able to give you advises. Otherwise, good luck!
This shirt, if it fits nicely on you, it would have been one of the best looking shirts! However, it is, as you said, very tight, but the length and the sleeve seem to be quite right.....
It looks kind of fake to me too.... Special China edition..... NO THANK YOU!
I'm not going to lie, but I used to like pleated pants a lot and thought that all the trousers made are pleated several years ago.
I agree with this comment. However, I like the design and believe that if the quality is made with good leather, USD300 for the design is totally worth it.
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