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You should post more pictures because it is hard to a person like me to judge by one half side
They both look great! I like dress shirt with wide collar so I don't know why people have problem with such issue.
Hey there, I don't know how many of you guys keep damaged dress shirts for these two brands. As I stated in the topic, I want to get the ones that you are no longer interested in wearing them because they are heavily stained, have holes, or contain ring around the collar. I don't care for any size, please PM me if you are willing to give some to me. Thanks!
Personally, you look pretty great. Nothing looks too big nor too small for you.
Quote: Originally Posted by Harlemrennaisance I will be spending money on important things, in fact I will be paying for food, rent, and electronics for school. But I can't save the money, so I need a way to eliminate the surplus. Personally, I'd suggest to go to Ross or Marshall because I have found there are many great brand name from all over the world such as Valentino, Dolce Gabbana, or Cult of Individuality at deep discount. That way,...
Quote: Originally Posted by HEWSINATOR For how much other stuff costs at Last Chance, the suits are very poor value for condition, I find. Is this NordStrom Last Chance in AZ? I would love to go there!
Quote: Originally Posted by Monaco some questions for you, how often do you poop? what are the foods you eat? and where do they come from? You might be suffering from food intolerances but I believe you're experiencing hormonal and gastro-intestinal stress meaning you have to balance out your life and do the 'right things' First of all, you need to sleep earlier (10-6 is optimal as 10-2am = physical repair and 2-6am = neural repair). Believe it...
Quote: Originally Posted by JLay87 If your waist is large due to fat then ab workouts will help little. It is not possible to target one area of your body for fat loss. Your body prioritizes and stores fat in a genetically predetermined manner, and so you will also lose body fat in a predetermined manner. If you would like to lose fat then you are going to have to increase your cardio and tailor your diet for this to happen. Do 30-45 minutes of...
Hey There! First of all, I'd to say that I'm Asian and my English is not my mother-tounge. If my English does not make any sense, please ask me to clarify whatever that confuses you. Anyway, I'd like to know if you guys can give me any suggestion of what I should do with my health issues. I am considered to be rather skinny guy. I would fit into 14.5 dress shirt nicely and I can fit myself into pants that are sized 30 if I wear them one inch below my belly...
Quote: Originally Posted by gfreeman Is this example really that bad? I have the same reaction! I don't see anything that bad for that picture.
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