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I thought that they have already started doing something like this when they launched the "college edition" to compete with the likes such as Abercrombie and Fitch....Oh there there!
If you were able to manage to sleep while this auction was about to be ended, I guess you didn't care for the jacket as much as you thought.
Even though those 9 percent claim that they speak English as their native language, some of them seem to speak worse English than I do........ sadly.That is one great advise.
If I need any drug, I wouldn't need to have them imported from the UK......Trust me, there is plenty where I'm from.
I want to buy something from the UK and I don't want to ship the item. Specifically, they are shoes. I have many stories how long things that were sent from overseas to Thailand got myteriously lost. Many speculated that Thailand post office staff are responsible for the missing of the items because they are the people who have been given a full authority to inspect the item. I'm scared and would rather have someone from the UK bring it for me....... Even though I can...
I don't know what elongated last is, but this is the one that is about to be mine. How much did they pay for yours? I got mine for about USD300. I don't know if I overpay them.
It does look nice, but not that special....
I prefer stiff even though they are slightly less comfortable.
I guess not.....
By the way, your photo is invinsible, randomhero88.
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