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This thread feels like therapy!Anyway, I like this suggestion a lot. The bold one, obviously.
I don't know if I'm too late for this, but I have already submitted.
These are gorgeous! Too bad, I don't live in the country where I need to wear this type of piece of wonderful clothing anymore.
You look like a million buck! Great stuff!
They charged you 30 percent tax based on the cost of the shoes PLUS shipping. This means if the shoes cost USD650 and the cost of shipping is USD30. I would have to pay USD204 at the custom in order to claim the product. Luxury items here cost a whole lot of money.Many people have done this, but unsuccessful. Yes, they are BNIB and that would make it impossible to believe that Church's shoes actually worth that much. Sometimes, if they don't know the value, they would...
Well, I have never lost anything because I don't usually buy things from overseas. Therefore, this is the first time I am doing this so I did the research on what ways would be best to send thing from the UK and these are the complaints and they are quite alarming. Please keep in mind, it is all written in Thai, so you may need help understanding the...
I wonder how long this outlet is going to last. Chanel outlet was located there and it was the only one OUTLET in the world and now it is no longer exist.
This thread makes me feel so low......
Of course, I could use those services, but all of the items that I get sent from the overseas through their service will be inspected by the custom and these people have the full authority to guess the estimate value of the item and charge 30 percent import tax based on that value. Because my shoes that I'm thinking of buying are Church's, it is possible that I could be charged up to 200 dollars in addition to the cost of the shoes.They do not care how much you actually...
It may be secured at the destination where the items are sent from, in this case, it is London. However, once the item leaves the UK, there is no way that anybody can track the item. This has happened way too often in my home country.
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