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Hopefully, you are being sarcastic.
I would say that wearing something basic would work best with checkered pants. Therefore, solid white or blue shirts are not bad options.
Would you care to mention the name of those clothings?
If the jacket does not make you feel comfortable or feel good in it, unless you are a brandwhore, you should not keep it.
Do you live in Asia?In my home country, SEA, people would judge what it looks nice based mostly on the brand name, but NOT the style or material used.
My god, why can't these be smaller like 8 US or something similar.
These comments are funny.......
What about that bag in the picture? Is it Tom Ford?
Most likely. sadly.However, some of us may work by themselves or go back by themselves, but once they get home, their family members are waiting for them. If you are single, that is pretty much fucked up because bachelor life doesn't last forever.
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