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Being such as a hugh fan of MMM, I'm pretty upset that I didn't get to own anything from this collection. Some of the items look great to me.
I was thinking of taking that many inches out of my pant waist as well. Has anyone ever done it successfully? Does it matter if we let some great experienced tailor men do it?
I have a feeling that it is going to cost a whole lot more.However, there are some high-end brand names which allowed customers to repair their items free of charged as long as it is a manufacture faulty.
Slightly off topic, but I agree.
I hate to say it, especially I'm a Thai citizen, but it is true.......However, there are some nice spots which you can go to and they are NOT too bad, cleanliness wise. I guess it really depends on where you go. This is true to all of the places in the world.I've been to places in the US and there were nasty!
Sometime, you cannot really blame the tailor for everything. When the customer goes into the store, the tailor can only do what those customers asked them to do. Therefore, if the customer wants to get their suits in "skinny" style or "baggy comfortable" style, it does not really matter what the tailor has to say because the whole experience is about what customer wants anyway.
I can see the menu, but once I choose which category I want to see, I got an error message.
Being a Thai citizen, I was told that Dioni located around Sukhumvit 18 is a great place. Many well-known Thai figures come to get their suits made. Another one is called Savile Row located at Rose Hotel. It is somewhere in Silom Road. This place is quite popular amongst expats who live in Thailand. As far as I'm concerned, both of these places have Zegna, Dunhill, Burberry, Versace, and others cloth to choose from.
If you could show us you wearing the suits, it would be a lot easier for us to decide whether you should keep this purchase.
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