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These look crazy nice!
Punchable face? I like that!
I cannot see it neither, so I guess it is only US sales.
Good buy.... I wish I was as lucky as you!
This was a little harsh, but it is true....
Thank you sir..... Now, I need to find out who is coming to visit my home country from the UK.
It is sad, but it is true.I personally believe that is the reason.
Now that you mentioned it, it look like the label has been reattached.
I know. I remember having gone through similar marketing research and not many people interested, so I think it is best to do someone else a favor if I could as I knew exactly how it felt.Anyway, I finished doing the online survey anyway.
If I were you, I would go ahead and spend USD345 instead of saving USD70. This is because you seemed to be worried about the seconds. The possibility of you getting fake products tends to increase if you are not an expert on authenticating products. Welcome to forum, by the way.
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