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I honestly like the question that will get me thinking instead of why I quit my old job or what my previous salary was.
I like the red ones.
Hello, How can I take a photo in the way that it shows if it is single or double stitch. I got it done quite cheaply. I believe I paid about THB 3,800 for one pair of pants and two shirts. For that price, I can only get one shirt done at Tanika!
Hello guys, As a local here in Bangkok, I have not done a single thing to contribute, so here are the pictures of the shirt and a pair of pants done at Savile Row fashion located at Silom. Please be informed that I went to this place because I have done a research and it was one of the highly recommended places and if you know your fabric, I was told that they have the fabric that was used by famous brands such as Dunhill, Hugo Boss, or Burberry. More importantly, I am...
A very interesting threads. Thanks for sharing
I just bought myself a Westone 4R.
Would you care to tell me when to get this cake?Regardless, I have always wanted to try triple stuff oreos. Has anyone ever tried it?
Design wise, they are as atrocious as I expected many of the Gucci products to be, so go for it!
Hello, I'm a local Thai here based in Bangkok. I can tell you that many of these places that you mentioned above do sell a lot of clothing, but mostly fashion clothing especially Union Mall. Personally, Union Mall attracts a lot of Thai teenagers so they tend to focus on clothes which target mostly low income and fashion forward. I might have never been to BoBae, but I was told that they have sell a lot of pieces of fabric for clothings, so I don't know if you will find...
These look crazy nice!
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