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Unfortunately you probably can't - and truth be told I was upset when I got these glasses, but what can you do?Furthermore, it's likely that the glasses made IN Italy were assembled by Chinese labor.I will only be buying glasses made in Denmark from now on.
This is not correct.I bought a pair of Wayfarers from an authorized, in person, large, brick&mortar dealer in Colorado (Europtics, for those curious) and they were made in...
As is fairly obvious to the naked eye, the jacket looks like hot garbage, Taking the sides in will only accentuate what I feel is a construction issue compounding fit issues of a suitmaker that doesn't know how to construct a jacket for someone who has broad shoulders relative to their waist. The pants look fine, I don't think the jacket can be fixed. Taking the sides in will make you look like you're wearing an Armani suit from the early 90s or like Janet Jackson on the...
If I was going to do RLBL mtm, I would just go to savile row. How about something under $2500?
RLBL offers suits in such a limited color pattern that I'd be surprised if another clothier didn't have something close. I dont want pinstripes ,but would like some more solid and plaids - of which RLBL sells none. Who makes the closest cut to an RLBL?
Looks authentic. You'll be the classiest dressed mafioso in town.
I owned MANY of these circa 1989-1990. Sported them with some fresh to death Z Cavaricci pants - all purchased at Merry Go Round in the mall.
Fits like its supposed to fit, which is why I wouldn't buy a BB suit. They just aren't very structured in the waist, there is no suppression, and the shoulders are soft. Looks exactly like it was meant to look though, especially for OTR.
Two words: BALLER STATUS I can guarantee you I wont be finding these in a 12.
luke pls go
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