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Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart yes, this is what I had to do with my first pair a couple years ago. bled, and sore for about 2 weeks then it's like you cant imagine they were ever that uncomfortable. i did the double sock and bandaid on the sore spot thing too...alleviated some of the misery but just tough it thru and it'll be like buttah +1...just cowboy up. It helps to tie the laces really tight, when you feel your foot lose...
Quote: Originally Posted by mlyngard Washing wool is fine. Sheep get wet and don't shrink. After hand wash, squeeze all excess water out. Lay flat on a dry towel and roll up in towel to soak any excess water out. Leave there for a while. Unroll and lay flat on either a dry towel or a drying screen (a mesh screen on which you can lay garments to air dry). Don't hang in any fashion. Your sweater should be dry within 24 hours. A short tumble...
begs the question is a slippery slope, but it "does not follow" that ones who missuse it are unedumacated, that would be a hasty generlization. Freakin morans!
could also be a hobby you get paid to do: pro photographer, pro chess player etc; On a dating site pro usually means prostitute.
we have ants. No roaches, thank goodness. Some places like in a lot of old NY apartment buildings roaches are almost unavoidable, but where I live Ive only seen them in dirty houses.
Because it looks cool. Check out Old Bushey here, compared to his suit look:
I got mine to shrink about 1.5" with a hot wash and hot dryer. If you line dry they won't shrink more than .5" and this will stretch back out after some wear.
the Morrison is the least wretched
my foot measures 9D and GT 8s fit me with room to spare (slight heel slippage), no problem with width whatso ever....I ordered a chestnut pair in 7.5s and hope these fit 7.5s Ive been emasculated by a shoe size
My Baracuta jacket I bought from Oi Polloi says, "Made in Romania" should I be pissed? Is there a difference between the made in UK ones? I feel cheated, even though I've owned and loved this jacket for a couple of years and just looked at the 'made in' tag for the first time 5 minutes ago.
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