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If you do go with the Derek Rose, know that they are made by Draper of Glastonbury, with same item retailed in the Draper name at lower cost. Try the pediwear.co.uk online site for good value.
Another UK site with slippers is pediwear.co.uk and don't forget Del Toro for Spanish-made Alberts retailed in the US.
I love Herring Shoes for great customer service and price, but I found that some of their slippers are made in Spain and not equal to UK made. The particular style you are looking at is, however, Made in England...so may be very similar in quality to the Church's. Thanks to their good service you can always send them back if they do not suit once you try them on. Other sites to look at are Shipton and Heneage, Broadlands, Draper of Glastonbury, and Morlands...with the...
I have bought from Herring Shoes, so you could buy those with confidence. Could also look at Draper of Glastonbury, which has both a UK and USA website you can Google, or see there: http://www.draper-of-glastonbury.com...cts/25/william. Also in USA, Brooks Brothers sell UK made slippers: http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatP...ult_color=Blue Hope that helps.
Quote: Originally Posted by lemmywinks Opinions on this? http://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/23724?feat=503380-GN2 Got 'em, and luv 'em. Light weight, easy to pack, good quality shearling lining, and durable soles. Go for it!
As you wish. When you next visit Northampton, UK, check it out. Regards.
Hello All, My understanding is that the once independent Peal and Co gradually became a "house brand" for Brooks Bros., and now is solely a label for shoes made for them by various manufacturers, including the slippers being made by Church's. Those of you who have Church's and BB slippers need only put them side by side to see the precise match in every way, down to the typeface on the sole for the sizing information. Prices are fairly comparable too, at least the UK...
Direct answer: yes these slippers do stretch. I wear the BB "Peal and Co" branded slippers (made for them by Church's) all the time. Although I buy my usual street shoe size in them with good result, I can attest that the soft leather does stretch over time. Mine become a bit sloppy after a while as a result. I wear them barefoot when new, and keep a more stretched pair for when I want to slip into a pair with socks on. Noting again, however, I begin with my...
Draper of Glastonbury, mentioned in the post above and available from several outlets including Ben Silver, Carroll and Co, and direct from Draper. Also Morlands, less well known in USA, but available by post from company at www.morlandssheepskin.co.uk/. Nice traditional English sheepskin slippers that will last a long time. Allen Edmonds has a sheepskin lined moccasin slipper this season, also nice, and available with a driving moc sole if you want.
I had precisely the same problem with some leather-lined Timberland chukkas a while back. I wore a second, heavy sock with them for a while. That served the dual purpose of protecting my heel and stretching the shoe somewhat. After a few weeks of wearing that way, they were OK with normal sock.
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