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Quote: Originally Posted by Siggy They tell you the width when you click on the tie. Most are 3.25 inches. They also have a range of slim ties, which are 2.75 inches I think. Just click on the ties. Show me one single tie under 3.5 inches.
Quote: Originally Posted by Siggy uhm....Brooks Bros. H&M also has a selection of ties in those widths. Really? Where on the brooks brothers site does it mention tie width? In the rare event a size is given, it says 3.5 inches. 3.5 is more than 3.25. No H&M within 350 miles.
Looking for 2.75 - 3.25 inch ties to match with some brooks bros slim fit dress shirts. All thats available locally are galactically wide ties left over from the 1990's. A quick search through some popular retailers proved fruitless because nobody will tell you the width of the tie they are selling. Are we really supposed to just guess?? Help plz
Just trying to put together my first decent wardrobe of casual, and smart casual wear. I am really horrible with socks (and shoes). Ok Im horrible with everything but im trying. Im 32. Allright, I need socks. I'm at that stage. Yes I'm a late bloomer. Pants (so far): Slim jeans, khakis, slim trousers, and cords. Shoes (so far): Very dark brown rockport boat shoes, classic addidas black sneaks w/white stripes, brown and black sketcher sneaks, clarks desert...
The medium tall items came out of the laundry fitting much better. That one shirt is getting returned. The GAP cord jacket with shearling collar is pretty cool, very happy with it.
I got some GAP items in, in a medium tall. Cant find these in stores around here. Fit is OK ... for me its too long in length, with sleeves on the short side. Also cut larger than I'd like. Hopefully a wash will help.... One of the shirts is a long sleeve tee though, and cut like an XXL, complete with a 30" neck hole. And it says i can't return it to store, mail only. Fucking pissed about that. 6'1, 150 now (gaining weight)
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo Hey stringer I'm gonna get you banned, lol. ok just quickly reply to my other thread about bag recommendations before i go. thanks.
fuck you
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