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Quote: And Revolve is far from a "small boutique store" I changed the titling to "Smaller Retailers" and moved Revolve and few others to "Larger Retailers."
Quote: Originally Posted by JMK Self-Edge has an online shop. You go to the site and click on "shop online" at the upper right. Ah, didn't catch that. I assumed it was just a site for a brick-and-mortar store (no online shop). Self Edge is up now.
Also, let me know if there are any sites that should have an asterisk next to them because they list measurements. I didn't get a chance to go over all of them with a fine comb.
Quote: Originally Posted by indesertum CHCM Winn Perry South Willard Seven NYC you forgot all our affiliates I'm sure there's a lot more we missed. I'll put up South Willard. Some nice Dries, Ervell, Band of Outsiders, etc. on that site. I'll put Winn Perry up, even though it's in a very disorganized blog format. Still, some nice Opening Ceremony, Gitman, Our Legacy, etc. on that site. CCHM sells mostly obscure labels (besides...
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira I don't get how you could have left out Self Edge.... Self Edge doesn't have an online shop. If they do, I'm having trouble finding it. Please point the way. Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira BiG has very good measurement charts, many other companies use the BiG method to measure What's "BiG"? Link?
Quote: Originally Posted by Brinbro That's a nice list, here I made my own list check it out here : LA Guy made that list... not you. That list is okay, but there are a lot of deadweight links. Lots of stores with small selections, and lots of defunct sites. I also like the organization system of my list better. I did harvest some good links from that list, though. Credit is due there.
I figured it would be nice to have a list of online stores with big selections of clothes. I couldn't find a thread that's as comprehensive as this one, so I decided to make my own. Of course, there's the highly-visible set of SF "affiliates" at the top of the forum page, but there are a couple others that spring to mind. I also really like to see complete measurements before I buy something, so I've put an asterisk next to stores that do this. I'll make this an...
Use the search button, dude
Quote: Originally Posted by Holstein Bilter His name is Aaron Rodgers. LOL, I thought you were going to name a backup QB or something. Come on, everyone knows who Rodgers is. Decent suit, I guess. The shirt collar is way too large, though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rob_Sutherland One thing I don’t get. He’s 6’2” and 225lbs and wears a 44R. I’m 5’11” and 195lbs and wear…a 44R. I know if I grew 3 inches and gained 30 lbs, I wouldn’t be in the same suits I am now! Muscle weight more than fat... Also, he might just have a bigger ribcage than you (widest chest)
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