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Quote: Originally Posted by hboogz Because it's Arc'Teryx, they don't need to bring anyone in to warrant a $1k jacket.. The top-of-the-line, Gore Tex jackets from Arc'Teryx cost around $550. Arc'Teryx might be worth it at that price point, but definitely not at $1000.
I guess I'll go for #2 when I decide to buy. I was leaning towards that one too, even though it has a higher button-stance. Looks much slimmer in the chest than the other two. Thanks everyone. The Acne coat costs $730 at retail. Think that's worth it for a brand like Acne?
Caught this on ACL. Some really slick designs, but how the heck do they expect to sell these for $1000? It's not like they brought in a famous European designer to design them. Still, very tempting. Hopefully these will go on sale in my size. I wish the M65-ish jacket was a bit shorter. It would be the jacket for skiing if it wasn't past hip length. http://www.acontinuouslean.com/2009/...eryx-veilance/ http://veilance.arcteryx.com/Product.aspx
Can anyone suggest an alternative coat? I guess the look I'm going for is: Navy or chacoal color Slimmer notch lapels Slim cut Hits just above the knee
Quote: Originally Posted by unjung #3 if you can get it in navy. Otherwise #2. Yeah, J. Crew doesn't make one in navy.
I'm looking for a new topcoat. Which one looks the best? I'm having trouble assessing the length of these coats. I want one with a more modern length, that hits just above the knee. The first one is by Marc Jacobs (moleskin fabric). The second one is by Acne (wool fabric) The third one is by J. Crew (wool fabric) The Jacobs coat (#1) seems like it might be too short for my tastes. But I can't tell the length. Does it hit mid-thigh or just above the knee? I do like...
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira Well then I question your ability to categorize "SF-Approved" clothing. Not to hate but if you're going to make a list of stores that sell SF-Approved clothing you can't just pick and choose what aspects of SF-Approved clothing you like and using those as a basis. I could make a list of stores that sell workwear but that wouldn't truly be a list of clothes selling all SF-Approved clothes (jet would be left out, and we...
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug Maybe you shouldn't be doing this thread with limited knowledge or closed mindedness. A lot of members here own clothing from brands carried by Seven and others have been to the store themselves and bought things. I will say the store inside is a lot smaller than i thought it would be. Seven is legit. With Fok's indepth knowledge and wide perspective i'd almost rather him just clean his up than see a list leaving off...
^^^ I feel like I have to draw the line somewhere. The thread is supposed to be about online stores with big selections from a variety of well-known labels (this isn't a thread for avant-garde clothes). I'm sure Krell, CCHM, Crane's, and Seven have nice stuff. They're just not pertinent to this thread.
Just got an email from Adidas about a new sale. You're supposed to enter "BATON" at the checkout: Limited time offer valid 10/29/09 through 11/1/09. Offer ends at 11:59 pm PST on 11/1/09. Offer only valid at adidas Sport Performance stores, Originals stores, and shopadidas.com. Offer is not valid at adidas Outlet stores. Offer is good for 30% off your order before shipping. Discount applied at checkout. Offer cannot be combined with any other offers. Valid on...
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