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What's your build like? Slim or bulked-up? Also, what's your budget? "Little money" isn't a very descriptive term.
Quote: Originally Posted by KPO89 Does anyone know if Jos. A. Banks carries they type of suit I'm looking for LOL, Jos. A Bank suits aren't slim-fitting, Corleone.
Quote: Originally Posted by Naf Nasitra one was a jacket that had dry cleaning tags attached to it That's ridiculous! (If true) How did that escape quality control? I've ordered quite a bit from Gilt and I've never had any problems.
Quote: Originally Posted by Trompe le Monde People try to be useful and you're being snarky. Yeah, tell me about it. Guy is being very snippy for no reason. He thinks "BCBG Attitude" suits might be "fine", and then snaps back when I tell him to avoid stuff like Lauren by Ralph Lauren, which Filene's stock in bulk. (It's commonly believed that Lauren by Ralph Lauren is actually made by Ralph Lauren --- but it isn't). Be a little kinder to...
Quote: Originally Posted by KPO89 I'm fully aware that Lauren and Chaps and even Hugo Boss are horrible choices....I know this from experience as well. Thats why I was saying it was my first FINE suit I own a piece of shit thank you very much. Where can I find a Filene's? I live in the-middle-of-no-where Virginia....although I will be home in Atlanta over Thanksgiving. And....I did try the search button. No luck How far are you from DC?...
The Ralph Lauren shoe you posted is a blucher, not a balmoral. I also vote C&J handgrade on P. Lal. Should cost around $450 shipped.
First of all, use the search button first. If you want to try a suit on before you buy it, but still get it at a bargain, try a place like Filene's. Stay away from crap like Lauren by Ralph Lauren, though. Also, if you're ever in New York, try Century 21, Daffy's, etc.
I'm judging on the basis of looks alone. I don't like the Burberry because it has a high-button stance and ultra-wide lapels. This looks good on tall, chunky guys, but not slim ones. I don't like the Burberry because the lapels are a bit too thin. I did a survey of Yoox, and came across this D&G blazer, which I think looks much better. It has a low-button stance and more conservatively-styled lapels.
Uniqlo's U.S. sizing is messed up. For example, I once bought a crewneck sweater there that fit me in a size small. A couple weeks later, I returned to the store to buy another copy of the same sweater. However, they had changed the cut of the sweater, and a size S was too tight on me. A medium fit me better. Also, I've fit into both medium and small blazers and shirts for different models. I've really found that I have to try everything on at Uniqlo before I...
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar 3 looks the best and 2 is also all right. Have a look at Crombie if you want something more conservative. Good suggestion. This coat is nice, but I don't know if I like the fatter lapels:
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