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Here's my thoughts on the four boots I posted, by the way. A). The toe looks kind of bulbous B). Nice last shape and laces, but I don't think it comes in a brown smooth leather (suede only) - would be my top pick if it came in a better color and smooth leather C). Has that weird angled blucher thing going on in the front D). Kind of nice, but I think it only has two eyelets
What I'm about to say is going to sound heretical to certain people on these boards. I like the last shape, the thin soles and the low-profile Clark's desert boots. However, I can't stand the angled, blucher-style front with the two-eyelet laces. It just looks goofy to my eyes, even with jeans. I'm looking for a pair of "desert boots" (similar last shape, thin soles, etc as in Clarks), but with more than two lace eyelets, and a straighter flaps on the front, if...
Biggest offender is the shoulders (too wide). Also, the sleeves can be shortened.
I'd like to see verified measurements on size small shirt too. I picked up a Varsity Collar shirt from Lands' End (now discontinued) a couple months ago, and it was not very slim.
It's not a question of whether the jacket is "too big" or "too small" on the whole. The just just plain does not fit your body proportions. The shoulders are too wide, and the sides of the torso are a bit too tight. You don't have particularly broad shoulders and you waist is not particularly slim. You just don't have the correct "drop." Sorry to break it to you. Don't feel bad, though. The RLBL cut is very radical. If you want a good slim cut suit with a more...
H is the worst by far. F is the best by far. Most of the windowpane ones are pretty gaudy too. I don't like lines of red and blue on my suit fabric. I stick to solids, monochromatic herringbones, flannels, etc. A and B are pretty gag-worthy too. Looks like something Mafoofan would pick out. Very tacky.
Quote: Originally Posted by sinclairaw consider a conservative-cut TaT? The Thick-as-Thieves mail order suits I've seen look like total crap. Wrong sizing, proportions, everything.
Okay, just to re-iterate, you said you were 6'2 and 145 lbs. You are pretty tall and very thin. Suits from labels that cater to less-thin guys, like Brooks Brothers ("sack suits"), are not going to fit you well. Since you have a 36 inch chest, you'd probably be a size 36-Long or 37-Long. Remember that 5'9 to 5'11 is average height for American men. I think an off-the-rack, slim-cut suit with some tailoring would look better than MTM, and be more cost effective. On...
Check out these labels for slim fits: Canvassed or Half-Canvassed (expensive): John Varvatos Hickey Ralph Lauren Black Label Ralph Lauren Purple Label (some cuts are quite slim) Fused (expensive): Emporio Armani Dolce & Gabbana Etro Prada Theory Z Zegna Fused (more affordable): H & M J. Crew Uniqlo Zara
The shoulders are too big. This fact is especially visible in the back shot. There's bunching at the shoulders. They don't end where your shoulder bones end. You'd probably be a 37R, if Brooks Brothers made it. Since the 36R is too tight, and the 38R is too big in the shoulders, I'd recommend finding a better-fitting suit.
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