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Just bought my first pair of benchgrades from C&J. Got them online for about $350. As a student, I've never really had the financial means to buy them until now. I've justified the cost based on the fact that they'll fit me well and won't give me blisters. (I have a wide foot). Obviously, the C&J designs are sleeker than cheap rubber Rockport's you might find at department stores. I still have trouble rationalizing wearing a $350 pair of shoes, though. Seems like a waste...
Not to threadshit, but your pictures are REALLY creepy (facial expression, pose, camera angle).
Quote: Originally Posted by nonissue He says it was leather, and the logo was spread out over two lines. And he said it was stylish. A). He asked about the logo. B). Dakine bags aren't bad at all C). Shut your mouth
Maybe Dakine? The logo letters are very stylized.
Quote: Originally Posted by srivats pit-to-pit = ~19.5" shoulder-to-shoulder = ~17" sleeves: between 24" and 24.5" from shoulder seam (outside measurement) collar fits like 15" Strange, those measurements are very different from the ones that Lands' End measured. They must have different measuring methods. It seems that a size "S" Canvas shirt is equivalent to a 36R suit. I'll have to get an "M," assuming that it's like a 38R.
This is a continuation of my other thread (http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=150149). I made it so I could post another poll. As I said before, I dislike the angled-blucher front on the original Clarks Desert Boot. I've narrowed my decision to two boots as original desert boot alternatives. Which do you like more, and why? A). Clark's "Blackdown" boot (sort of an original Desert Boot/Wallabee...
Dugs these up too: From niche (has a very thick sole, unfortunately): http://slamxhype.com/fashion/vendor-niche-desert-boots/ Pointer "Cyril." I think I like this most so far. If they had tonal soles and stitching, they'd be perfect:
Quote: Originally Posted by ryanmnguyen You can check out Opening Ceremony's or Vanishing Elephant's take on desert boots. Nice call on the Vanishing Elephants
Quote: Originally Posted by Helix Kinda unfair to include a design collab with clarks in a non-clarks poll isn't it? Definitely the best ones. BR doesn't look to bad as a runner up. Well, Bedwin did the heavy lifting on the design. Clarks just manufactured them with their materials. They're not Clarks in the sense that they're not the originals that have become synonymous with the term "desert...
^^^ I like those Rag and Bone ones a lot. They don't seem to be in stock in many places, though, and they're expensive ($500). I wish they were still sold in brown
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