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Quote: Originally Posted by Sterling Gillette I'd say, dude, you better do your homework. That's simply wrong. I dont know one single traditional tailor who recommends using these modern fabrics a/k/a toilet paper over traditional ones. I like how you post clichees you read in a newspaper article. This, too, is wrong or at least depends on the maker. A great number of much higher regarded woollen mechants than Loro Piana or Zegna don't even...
Quote: Originally Posted by B|aze http://www.henryjermyn.ie/ProductDetail.aspx?ref=114 Nice try, buddy. That suit IS expensive. It's merely on sale. The MSRP is clearly marked at $695 euros. That's nearly 1,015 USD. I would hardly call that "cheap." By comparison, my mid-range hickey suit retailed at $1100, but I got it for like 75% off at a discount store.
Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier Many cheap suits are also made of inferior wool or blends. Yes, and the label will usually indicate the "blend." My H&M suit is a wool blend from a no-name fabric manufacturer. I was talking about 100% wool.
Quote: Originally Posted by B|aze The Super 120s only means that it's max 17.75 micron in diameter and new wool....that doesn't mean it's high quality. I'm talking about Super 120's, 100% WOOL (NO BLENDS) from a good maker like Zegna or Loro Piana. How many cheap suits have you seen with that?
Blaze, don't facepalm at me either. Sure, there are fabrics that are tons more softer and supple than Super 100s, but it's well-established the Super 120s range is the threshhold for "hard-wearing" wool. Especially if it's "worsted" (less fuzzy carding). I like how people keep taking potshots at me without elaboration. As a corollary to my Super 120s statement, I might also add that Super 120s wool from a maker like Zegna or Loro Piana is going to much better-quality...
Quote: Originally Posted by JPHardy Pick stitch, check No Polyester, check Super 150's, check http://www.mensusa.com/products.aspx?id=363 You've distorted my statements. I didn't say that all cheap suits are made from polyester. I didn't say that all cheap suits lack pick-stitching. I didn't say that all cheap suits are made from sub Super 100's wool. All I said is that sometimes, the things I mentioned can be indicators of...
Quote: Originally Posted by zbromer In addition to listing three, rather than two, visual indicators, this is one of the more laughably awful and misleading posts in recent memory. Care to explain why my list is so "laughable," Old Rough and Ready? 1). Towards the lower end, many suit makers do not pick-stitch the lapels. I have suits from Theory and H&M, for instance, that don't have pick-stitching. My hickey and John Varvatos suits, on the...
I always liked the captions on this one:
Medvedev's suit is awful! Pants are some kind of weird 70's bootcut. Lapels are way too big for his frame Sleeves are too long Pant legs are too long Torso is too tight
Guy: "I feel pretty, oh so pretty, in my shiny suit!!" Hilary: "Wow, he's so flaming."
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