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Quote: Originally Posted by Shirtmaven I am not a purist, but working button holes on a tuxedo seems a bit much. Carl Perhaps, but I was able to pick up a very nice tux (one button, peak lapel, minimal side vents, incredible fabric) on ebay a while back and I thought it would just make a nice personal touch --plus, there is the sleekness factor as described later in the this thread. They just look better to my eye. Besides, no one but...
Quote: Originally Posted by zjpj83 Actually, I just took a buttonhole job to Peppinos yesterday. So I will report in a couple of weeks. Z, I know this an old thread, but any update on how this turned out? I'm in the process of searching the archives, weighing the opinions and deciding who to take a tux to that needs working button holes and the pants hemmed and let out a touch. Has Peppino gotten over the "rough stretch" he endured on SF...
Quote: Originally Posted by Stu Pampero is it? If so I stand corrected. I haven't been to Caracas since 1993, so it's been a while since I had one of those leather bags. i believe it is Pampero stu, though I'm wrong about many things, so you never know. For a while I saved the leather pouches...then i couldn't decide what to do with them...so I only have a few now.
ahhh my favorite topic. +2 on the Pampero...it's like a toffee crunch bar (so, sweet, but very good). other favorites include Ron Zacapa 23 yrs, and Angostura 1824 (though overpriced at about $70.). Also, for something similar to the Mount Gay extra old, try Coyopa (10 years, from Barbados as well). Quite dry, excellent on the rocks. Hard to find. my rum collection has 21 bottles...is that wrong?
see if these help. maybe it's all my imagination... [EDIT: sounds like the way to go is to request cotton stitching. is a blindstitch machine still used in this instance?]
I recently took a pair of pants to a local tailor (i needed them hemmed fast, in like 3 hours) and it seems to me that the stitching is *very* noticeable on the hem line. For such a simple alteration, is there a standard way this is done? Is this normal, or have I just not been paying attention? The thread used on this particular pair of pants seems to be almost like a very fine fishing line--plastic-like. Seemed odd. Do you have to ask questions of the tailor about...
Bump. still available. price drop to $50, shipped. anyone?
Quote: Originally Posted by Stu Is that Venezuelan? Also, why would you sweeten it? A 23-year old rum should have such a wonderful deep flavor on its own. JMO. It's Guatemalan. Ron Pampero Anniversario is the Venezuelan rum you might be thinking of. The Zacapa is excellent on its own--just purely a personal personal preference to mix in about a teaspoon of simple syrup. I find it really brings out the caramel flavor I like. Also, I tend to...
Ron Zacapa Centenario 23 yeard old rum, on the rocks, splash of simple syrup.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hard2Fit RL suit (Polo II in Navy)? Bingo! Got it last year on sale at marshall's. $199. I was pretty happy since it's such a basic suit, and I only own three.
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