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maybe haikus can help find hoffa...
he came out of hiding to post pictures of ties?
Quote: Originally Posted by Windsurf I have seen a few sports coats recently that on one side of the notch collar there is a small nub of fabric with a button hole sewn in it. I have seen this before but what is the "official" term for this piece of fabric? I assume a jacket with this nub of fabric is less formal than one without it. Am I correct? What else can anyone tell me about a jacket with this nub? Some of the jackets have patch pockets and...
despite the uncertainty regarding the artisanal status of these trees, I too, purchased 5 pairs. we must be close to 200 already! thanks kronik...
Quote: Originally Posted by PuppetBoy They're the work of an artisan. if you can buy them on the web, are they still artisanal?
i'm currently unemployed...looking for a job in manhattan...anyone want to help??
Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade found them. on the left at the end on the bottom. nice call, roma. i was there today and also saw a few isaias on the right at the end on the bottom. very nice, but i've still gotten much better deals on kiton and borrelli ties during the sales at filenes basement (in Boston & DC). does C21 ever put their ties on sale?
Just got back from the Chu sale. Only came away with a cashmere "Lincs" sweater. There were a couple of suits in my size, but to me the quality seemed pretty "eh." What's the consensus on Chu suit quality? Style and fit were pretty good, but the fabrics seemed a little stiff and all the ones I saw were fused (i think). Seems like an OK deal at ~450, but nothing phenomenal.
Just an update: 51666 just worked for me. 20% off $75+. Don't know when it expires... cheers
Guys, it's an ohio state colored've got to give him a pass on that one...(even if it is atrocious)
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