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Quote: Originally Posted by pg600rr it looks like prada maybe? ah, you're right. i kept thinking it said "plank" (monitor not great) and i'm not familiar enough with the prada logo to figure it out. it's on bluefly for those interested, about $1300.
who makes the one you pictured?
Quote: Originally Posted by deranged so for the hamilton watch brand. is there any watch model in particular that you would recommend? The Jazzmaster viewmatic is very versatile in my opinion. big picture
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman I'm not nuts for the Aviation (I bought Maraschino for it as well). Will try it again with a different gin and some creme de violette when I can grab some. ~ Huntsman It took 8 liquor stores on my sunday afternoon walk to find the Luxardo; no creme de violette was found...is it worth the trek to Astor to get it? I used boodles tonight. (I managed to kick my bottles of tanqueray, miller's and...
Finally found a bottle of: on my second aviation.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Never heard of either of these. What's so special about them? I'm suprised nobody's mentioned Plymouth for Gin yet. You all need to get on that. Wyborowa is from Poland; they've been making it for something like 200 years. When I lived in DC I tried most of the vodkas at Russia house, which i believe has 20 or 30 varieties. Anyway, I always liked Wyborowa the best. As for tasting notes, I hardly ever...
The game needs to be stepped up in this thread in terms of filling out the list: Bourbon 1) Bulleit 2) Woodford Reserve 3) Knob Creek Brandy 1) admittedly, not qualified to answer this. 2) 3) Gin 1) Tanqueray...10, Rangpur, Regular--i'd have all 3, but would probably pick 10 to keep within the rules 2) Hendricks 3) Boodles Rum 1) Ron Zacapa 15 year 2) Goslings 3) Pampero Anniversario 4) Cruzan Single Barrel Estate (borrowing a spot from...
what do you have lined up for tonight conne? hopefully not just the turkey. pictures please.
trying brokers...not too bad, but will probably switch over to miller's (westbourne strength) in a minute...
anyone go to the HF sale this morning? worth the trip?
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