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tahitis are nice. They should make them slightly thinner so they can fit more than 3 in a rack.
Quote: Originally Posted by XenoX101 I'm pretty sure the models are still high poly and the textures are still high res, these things are noticeable almost regardless of the art direction - even if not immediately; reviewers and players are good at picking up on these things. I doubt the type of conspiracy you outline about keeping graphics simple to marginally increase profits, SC2 still requires a modern computer and some people have still complained...
I'm considering buying a few items of furniture from this company. Does anyone here have experiences or an opinion of them?
gingerman cookies are still there, online they're under the homestyle collection or something... I really like the unfilled pirouette cookies that you can only get in the sampler boxes
it's made of the suede-like synthetic material bric's uses in most of their bags "Realized in Bric's signature waterproof suede-effect PVC with leather details" auction ends in 2 hours!
I can negotiatiate a special BIN price for intersted forum members...
last drops!
Quote: Originally Posted by landshark Are you Pete Cambell from Mad Men?! +1
Brand new bag, but I have no real use for a second carry-on duffel, so I'm selling it. MSRP is $375, no reserve!
Drops again
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