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Professional locking briefcase made in USA of quality belting leather by the Hartmann Luggage Company. Gorgeous cordovan color. The briefcase is in excellent condition, used less than six times. I am the original owner. There is a lifetime factory warranty covering workmanship, handles, locks and all hardware. Approximate I/S dimensions: 17 1/4"W x 12 1/2"H x 3 1/4"T I acquired this attache as a gift from my wife around 1995 when we lived in the Boston area. At the...
"baby monogram shoes" obvious troll?
I'm deciding between a hartmann hard case and a soft customhide. The hard one just seems impractical for carrying a laptop since it's one big pocket, whereas most soft ones are divided into 2 or 3 sections for laptop, papers, books.. Also, attache cases rarely have shoulder straps, which I need since I travel around town on my bike.
check out Want's website. Great quality..
I'm looking at replacements for my stolen customhide.. Any thoughts on this?
I had a customhide scholar that needed a couple repairs and tried to ship it to them about a month ago. After waiting a while for it, I decided to call the company to see how the repair was going. They were very helpful, but apparently, they never received it. They even called their local post office to see if anything had arrived from me. To me, it seems pretty clear that some slimeball postal worker decided he liked it. I've been back to my post office several...
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vague spoiler alert: what's the deal with kerrigan's hair at the end? you'd think it would fall out and disappear with the rest of her zergness.
Raynor's face looks fine in cutscenes, but why have so many closeups of his ugly, chunky fingers? When Tosh is just standing around he keeps his arms a good 6 inches away from his torso, looking very ape-like. Findlay's shoulder pads have symmetrical scrapes and bullet holes. And why can't we examine the virtual striptease area of the cantina???
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