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Knit of the week apparently since like 5 people bought it. [/quote] I want to be number 6. Where can I buy this? This seller deals in knockoffs, right? Anyone know more about this?
psshh... harvard's quidditch team is one of the weakest in Boston
last drop!
Price drop
Yeah, once I noticed that I gave up on that bag. I think I'll get another customhide scholar, with the rings to turn it into a backpack too this time.
Earlier this summer I bought these on sale at Barneys. I wore them one time, out to dinner, but I've decided to sell them since I plan on buying some new boots when I go to the UK in October. They're the same design as these on yoox, but on mine the elastic is as dark as the leather rather than light brown. Outsole measurements: 12.5" length 4.5" greatest width Original retail was $600+ $225>>$200>>$180>>$170>>$160 shipped One of the pull tabs came off, but...
Misread title, I thought it said Tod's are the new Crocs. I'd still agree with that.
does target have price checking machines around the store? you could just try to ask someone to check it at a register...
Well, if anyone is interested, I'm selling a hartmann attache here at a great price
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