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i wish sns herning could just sell their full stock directly..
So, what's the consensus on the stark? I'm waiting to order one but can't decide between M and L. My build is 6'2 180 lbs 41 chest. I saw one post recommend the L and another the M, since it will stretch. Is the length of the L awkward for people in the 6-6'2 range? wj4, was you order cancelled from that Støy Munkholm store? I'm not sure about currancy exchange fees, but to me they seem to have the best price (about $230 shipped)
Quote: Originally Posted by imschatz ^^^ my dream house/condo will have 3 floors, with a staircase like that running from the top to bottom floors. It'll look like the apple store in boston.
Quote: Originally Posted by LPatterson If this was the Burgundy I'd be all over it dammit. ftfy, bump for great knit.
I tried one on today, it was pretty good, but nothing special.
Hi i've pm'd you about the rain jacket. Do you still have it?
Hi, I'm looking to buy a suit in 40R or T. It needs to be a dark shade of navy or charcoal, and the inseam can't be less than 32. I'm open to pretty much anything you've got under $300.
thank you!
I'm over it. In fact I don't live there anymore, because of what happened. XL ONLY is it really slim by any chance?
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