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great seller. How do you have so many great bags?
sorry, I was distracted mid-edit and forgot to add the pics. Also, $10 drop on the Armanis I do ship internationally, but I would have to check costs at the post office.
added Mephisto chukkas
I've heard Details magazine is a great publication if you've run out of cologne.
Their head of production died? That's terrible, when was this? My old scholar was stolen and I need to order a replacement, but I hope it won't take 3 months!
sorry if anyone was eying the Barbour. I think the seller has decided to follow my advice and get the full refund.
did you buy the barbour jacket from orvis? Why not just return it, they have that 100% guarantee. Or someone could buy it, return it, and get $400 in store credit...
which promocode are you using>?> Edit: I found the 10% off one.. pretty slick and shipping was $6. I kopped the last L in burgundy, but if the fit doesn't work out I'll be sure to post it here for anyone interested.
this is the online store manager's email, you might have better luck contacting him directly:
wj4, have you tried to resolve the problems with your canceled order? they seem to have pretty attentive customer service; I put a stark in my cart last night but didn't finish checkout and I got an email from them this morning. "I can see that you have tried to order a S.N.S Stark cardigan from our Online Store. For some reason, your purchase did not come all the way through our payment system. I will therefore have to delete your order. The product are put aside for...
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