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got my large stark in burgundy. It is pretty long, and I'm 6'2, i have to lift it up a tiny bit to reach my pockets. I'm really happy with the sleeve length however.
I always liked chocolate ice cream but my mother made us eat vanilla because it didn't stain anything.
great seller. How do you have so many great bags?
sorry, I was distracted mid-edit and forgot to add the pics. Also, $10 drop on the Armanis I do ship internationally, but I would have to check costs at the post office.
added Mephisto chukkas
I've heard Details magazine is a great publication if you've run out of cologne.
Their head of production died? That's terrible, when was this? My old scholar was stolen and I need to order a replacement, but I hope it won't take 3 months!
this happens in italy, too. News stands sell these foil bags that are supposed to be full of candy and cheap toys for kids, but sometimes they're just full of porn stickers.
sorry if anyone was eying the Barbour. I think the seller has decided to follow my advice and get the full refund.
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