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I'm selling these vintage persols. the lenses (glass) are in excellent condition and the frames only have light wear. $225>> $200 shipped conus
yeah i guess I could search
I'm renting an apartment in the latin quarter with 4 friends for the next 5 days. Does anyone have recommendations for places to eat that would fit a student budget of 20ish euros p.p.? Any cool museums or other sights that we might not have heard of? And of course.. any good places to shop/score good deals? I can think of the APC outlet, but what else is there? Random advice?
so was Hans Landa real?
do you have measurements for the sweater?
I'll be traveling to London and oxford next week and I would like to pick up some english-made shoes at a discount. Specifically, I'm looking to buy the Trickers stow or a similar boot. Where can the best deals be found?
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria I had both a good burger and some good spaghetti this past weekend. Neither were in New York. - B Was the burger at Craigie?
The construction seems generally good, but one problem I've been having with mine is that the belt loops keep popping open. I've never had this happen with other jeans or pants.
how's the sleeve length? Longish?
I'm in the same boat, bud.
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