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I just finished planning a trip to Morocco for april, my second time. Flying into Marrakech, 2 nights there, driving into the desert, Ouarzazate pit stop for a night, next day I arrive at Merzouga, play around in the sand dunes for a couple days, then drive through the Atlas to Fes, and stay there another 2 nights.
Quote: Originally Posted by deadly7 If you're at Oxford, surely you understood that the argument was not "Political science students don't do any work"; rather, it was "Political science is not as difficult to conceptualize as physics". Actually, the debate about physics and politics was a digression from the thread's actual topic, which in part dealt with college students not doing any work.
I'm not going to argue about hard vs. social sciences, but I can tell you that as a economics and politics student at Oxford I'm expected to read about a dozen books and write two 10-page essays each week. The workload is equivalent to what I'd do for one class over the course of an entire (14 week) semester back in the US. At my American college the focus on extra-curriculars was much stronger, and perhaps our workloads were lighter so we would have time to participate...
This jacket was a present from my wife last Christmas. The jacket retailed at £750. Regrettably I have only worn it a couple of times. I live in my Belstaff jacket, which protects me from the rain, snow and everything everything else that the British climate throws at Bikers! Although this jacket is waterproof, it does not cover all the areas you need covering!! Call it OCD if you like but I just don't wear it, so thought I'd put it out there. It is in virtually new...
I just bought this jacket on ebay and was wondering if anyone more familiar with RRL knew when it was made. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...K%3AMEWNX%3AIT Searching the forum turned up a similar one, but it only had 2 front pockets.
Hi, i'm looking for a pair of these, preferably in the brown color shown in the link, but open to other options as well. http://www.select2gether.com/ralph-l...detail-1964977
What's the story with the B-3, and do you have measurements?
what's the arm measurement?
My friends and I have been earning drinking money by charging the asian tourists in oxford £20 to eat with us in the Christchurch dining hall. Unfortunately the market for university logoed merchandise is already cornered by all the shops in town.
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