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I own this in L and can confirm it's a great layering piece. The elbow pads are very solid.
I love my stark in burgundy. Anyone trying to sell other one in other colors, size L or M, please PM me.
I have a Loro Piana Polo in size 50 NWOT.
thanks for the tips, I've ended up buying this 60's one off firstdibs
I'm looking for a sofa with a nice sculptural wooden frame, like this Adrian Pearsall Do you guys have any suggestions for vintage furniture stores or repros?
"Speedway" available in L and M Raglan sleeves! $120
The left hinge on my 649 sunglasses has come loose because the plastic has warped. Does anyone know how to contact Persol/Luxottica customer service in the UK or US so I can try to get them fixed/replaced?
About half the "real" places I remember from growing up there are closed or have been turned into more tacky bag, mask, or pizza kebab stores. Do Mori is great for a drink. Also Ca D'oro (La Vedova), which is actually right off the strada nuova, for an inexpensive and good meal, or more chichetti. Can't help you much with hotel recommendations as I've never stayed in any, but personally I feel that even the expensive ones are gilded dumps that aren't really worth the...
My jacket came in the mail monday. So far I'm very happy with the quality, but I'm still in the process of breaking it in. Pics to come
I ordered a medium panther in tan back in late January and I'm waiting for it to come. Will post a review when it gets here.
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