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Next week I'll be visiting Japan, passing through the area around Okayama. I was thinking of going to the towns in the area that are famous for denim production. Does anyone know from experience if it's worth a visit or if there particularly good deals in the local shops/factory outlets? Here's a link to what I've seen so far.. Good place to buy Momotaro, Kapital, or other brands?
I picked up two of these. The one I'm selling is unused, it still has tags etc. I find these are great for carrying around books, laptop, a small umbrella or whatever. Now that summer is coming it's a great bag to bring to the park or the beach. It's very spacious and built to filson's standard of quality. $100 shipped
Wait wtf is going on at craster's keep now (ep. 2)? Have they changed the plot?
What does this work on??
I'm afraid I'm headed towards a similar situation. My gf of several years has graduated college, but seems content with having a job she's overqualified for, while still living with her parents. I'm graduating this spring and looking to take a gap year or two doing something like Teach for America, or teaching abroad. At the end of this, I'll be taking a job in finance/consulting, so between the ridiculous hours or travel it definitely won't be a relationship friendly...
HARD TO FIND Retailed for $1,795 Size L Polo Ralph Lauren distressed leather jacket with front zip, two front pockets with buttons and one with zip, collar, cuff and side strap fastening, underarm vents and plaid lining. Sold out at RL stores and Mr Porter, there's a few on eBay for...
Sorry, I was wrong about the round, I bought it about 10 days ago, during the 2nd round I guess (it was about 60 off). While the sale is over, some items getting returned from the sale, like sns knits, have been available sporadically at the 3rd round (70-80) discounts, which is what I imagine would happen if I returned my item.
Something I bought during the first round of sales at Mr Porter is now at 80% off, or about $200 lower than the price I paid, but also sold out. Would it work if I returned it and then picked it up at the lower price when they relist it in stock? Or should I just ask if they'll adjust the price? I plan on returning it otherwise.
if someone here bought it and it doesn't work out, please pm.
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