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Inge Gator :
No, it's from of the early 2000's generation (with 2892 movement).
Against a white background:
Shap! Welcome David.
Grin. Not bad for an iPhone pic snapped on the way out the door, ehhh? The secret handshake wasn't intentional, but when I noticed it I thought it was a nice touch too.
They don't make it easy do they? These were OEM sold out the back door from a dealer never to be named off of a serviced 232. (The minute hand has some scratches on it.)My contribution for the day:
Thanks guys. Everyone is right. It's a 210 that has been modded with 232 hands.
I haven't been frequenting this place since the switchover to the new forum software. That root beer was hot!
It's an atrocious girlie watch. I can help take it off your hands for $73. PM me, if interested.
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