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Wool Blend Crinkled Crepe Scarf Rag & Bone Timeless and modern, this dark-hued scarf from Rag & Bone is a stylish wardrobe staple - Charcoal with red, blue, and white striped, frayed ends - Pair with a modern cut pea coat, bright cashmere pullover or leather jacket. $77 or best offer.
Paul Smith black dress ankle boots Toe is somewhat pointy and has ridge detail. Not sure what it's called, not quite a cap toe but cool detailing. Beautiful shape. Black laces. Leather sole. Map of England on inside sole. Men's U.K. 9.5 / European 43.5 / U.S. 10.5. Made in Italy. $250 shipped or best offer. http://photos.jaydixit.com/paul-smith-black-dress-ankle-boots/ Paul Smith smooth-brown low-profile wingtips Beautiful Paul Smith leather shoes in rich smooth...
Now that I finally have my beloved Allen Edmonds Strands in walnut, I need a belt to match. I'm in a creative field and never need to dress up for work, so I tend away from the corporate look and try to be more on the cool/hip side of things. Example: my brown belt is this one from John Varvatos: I like the square buckle. Against all advice to the contrary I wear my Strands with jeans (albeit dark-rinse ones), a white shirt, and a navy linen sportcoat. And can I...
Thanks for all the advice. Just called the Shoebuy folks ordered seconds of the Kenilworths in Bourbon ($157) and the Strands in Walnut, Brooks Brothers version ($179). And that was before the $50 AmEx discount. Not bad. Can't wait to get them.
Oops. I just read a bit more about the Lexingtons and discovered that I mustn't wear cap-toes with jeans. Shows what I know! So then... the question becomes... Leeds vs. Kenilworths? which one is better with jeans? As I mentioned, I'll be wearing them with darkish jeans and sport shirts.Actually... I don't see Kenilworths on AE.com. Did they discontinue them?
Brown Burnished vs. Bourbon for Lexington Cap-Toes? I'm going to order the Lexington Cap-Toes, and I'm trying to decide on the color. I like brown, and I'm trying to decide between Brown Burnished and Bourbon. I've seen them both in person but I'm not sure which to get. Incidentally, I don't like the Walnut or Chili, not my style, so I've ruled those out. I like both the Brown Burnished and the Bourbon... I go back and forth. I worry that the Brown Burnished is too dark...
I'm interested in the Wolverine 1000 Mile 744 LTD Shell Cordovan Boots or other lace-up boots in shell cordovan. Size 10.5 or 11, D or E. Brown preferred, but #8 and other shades considered too. Not black. If you have anything, let me know. Thanks!
John Varvatos Collection Lamb Suede Blazer / Sportcoat in Olive/British Khaki Blazer/sportcoat in very soft raw lamb suede. Color is olive/British khaki. Notched Collar. Large front pockets at bottom corners & left chest. One inside pocket. Thick stitching for pockets. Thick stitching on wrist of jacket. Raw lamb suede style. Retail Price: $1,495.00 John Varvatos based his unique brand on uniting Old-World craftsmanship and refined tailoring with modern textile...
Paul Smith shoes, shirts, scarves; John Varvatos blazer, shirts, vest, and scarf
I'm going on a first date with a woman and we agreed to dress up 1920s-style and go to a speakeasy. I'm trying to figure out what to wear and how to put together an outfit that's 1920s-ish but doesn't look like a Halloween costume. I'm thinking less Al Capone, and more Midnight in Paris. I'm open to buying a thing or two on eBay or Etsy but don't want to spend too much money, nor do I want to look like I spent days planning it. Advice?
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