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I bought a golden fleece suit and a 1818 suit. Golden fleece came out to be about 36% off the retail of $2100, which I think isn't too bad. The 1818 i managed to get at $650, which I think is okay. Sale wasn't what I expected in terms of discounts, but the plus side is, it wasn't very crowded in the Madison flagship store at all.
final final bump.
yea man, i sold it.
final bump.
I've posted this on ebay as well: i'd rather not pay the ebay fees.
bump - Dropped 10 bucks
guys feel free to send me a decent offer.
Hi, I have a $250 gift card from Brooks Brothers, I take paypal and I'll email you the gift card number and pin. I've included a screenshot of the balance check I took this morning and a pic of the gift card. It's SOLD.
Hi everyone, I've had this watch for a while, but rarely wear it. A little short on cash so figured I should sell it. It runs great, I wore it last week to check the +/-, as far as I can tell, it's not noticeable. It comes with box and papers and the original Sinn bracelet, includes everything when I bought it. (new from Watchbuys) It has been adjusted to fit my wrist, but the extra links that I took off are included. There are no dings or any defect on the watch...
PM sent.
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