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You're right. My bad. The stitching on the edges means it's a 1 1/2. The 1 1/4 has a smooth edge with no stitches. I'm pretty sure that the 1 1/2 comes in a brown with silver buckle as well but I'm not positive. I am sure that the black model does though.
Quote: Originally Posted by VMan If you get everything they offer wrapped up in one burrito, you have: Calories 3784 \tCalories from Fat 1564 Total Fat 174.5g \t Saturated Fat 43.2g \t Cholesterol 374mg \t Sodium 9907mg \t Total Carbohydrate 355g \t Dietary Fiber 35.6g \t Sugars 14g \t Protein 190g \t Vitamin A 365% Vitamin C 155% Calcium 85% Iron 70% I might try that next time... Make sure...
Quote: Originally Posted by Englandmj7 Damn. Sorry to leave you hanging dudes. I completely forgot about this. Here's a pic of mine. When I said 'twice' as thick as the LGCs I was slightly exaggerating. I was pretty much just damned excited at beautiful & sturdy this thing was for the price. Either way, it is noticeably thicker. Is that the 1 1/4 width model? It looks similar to the one in the store. If it is the 1 1/4 then...
Thought I'd throw this up in case anyone was interested: Chipotle Nutrition Calculator Make sure to take your blood pressure pill before you go!
Quote: Originally Posted by TheHoff This is the sort of thing that Coach still does well... Nice. Got a link on that? I don't see that one on the Coach website. Thanks.
Stopped by the RW store yesterday and checked out the belts. They didn't have the best selection compared to the catalog, but I found a few nice items. Everything seemed good quality but the one that struck my eye was the 1 5/8 harness belt for $35. If anyone wants pics let me know.
Quote: Originally Posted by drizzt3117 I believe this is the belt he's talking about. Some guy on ebay is selling them for $23.99. Doesn't look like anything too fantastic. Maybe it was another model?
Quote: Originally Posted by drizzt3117 Sizing down? I'm not sure this is a good idea... Typo. Meant to say sizing up.
Gotten a chance to take those pics yet England?
Anyone else? I still can't make up my mind and could use some more opinions. I kind of like the brown ones Jared recommended but the 674's aren't bad either. Then there are the three I picked in the first place. Arg. BTW - I plan on wearing them with jeans as that's pretty much my only attire at the moment.
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