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You could try the retro look...
Yes, agree. As a dyed-in-the-wool Yorkshireman (we're mean old skinflints who hate to part with our hard earned 'brass' - even meaner than the Scots), I want to know exactly what I'd get for my £280 if I went down the MTO 'H' route. All told, £400 for a RTW C&J 'H' is good value.
I guess it's an impossible question to really answer unless, of course, you are in the trade. At the very top (EG, C&J 'H', Lobb) there can only be marginal differences, which are probably not noticable anyway. Actually, a C&J MTO 'H' is about £680 or so, which is considerably more than many RTW EGs! I am considering a MTO. Is it worth it? I don't know. Bear in mind that that's £280 more for a MTO, and I'd imagine exactly the same 'H' leather is used.
I'm thinking of getting a C&J 'Handgrade' - never had them before. Any good? Are they better than Edward Green? EG is obviously more expensive - £550 ish. Handgrade - £400.
Quote: Originally Posted by Racing Green Apologies for resurrecting this thread from the grave but can anyone give a comparison between the 2161 last and Tricker's Country lasts? Is the 2161 as roomy? Cheers in advance. I'd say go down half a size in the 2161 - they are quite roomy. I'd also go down half a size in the 4444, fit 5 - I wear the Bourton with a walking sock.
Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl pheew, you are much more familiar with the rtw-stuff, espacially the british guns. but i'm kind of a guy with an holistic approach... Unhealthy interest in country boots, I'm afraid. I think I'm going to take up fishing again.
Quote: Originally Posted by mg428 Isn't Greshmere goodyear welted rather than featuring Veldtschoen construction? Also, as far as it does not have a bellows tongue? Aren't these associated with waterproof qualities? Perhaps in terms of upper, due to its so-called zug grain leather, it can be the best country boots out there, but not in terms of construction. Minor point: v. only really makes a difference if you spend your time up to your...
Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl copied that. i'm not a dainite man, but what's wrong with the coniston. it's much more pleasing for the eyes. Nice classic 'town' boot. It would be lovely in oxblood. It's a far better boot than the Culford, but I prefer the eyelets on the Culford - adds to that sturdy, no-nonsense practical look.
Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl kidding? It's not bad. There's not a lot in between - most lasts are pretty big. This sits sort of in the middle. I love to see Grenson Albert in a boot design - the 64 last would look great.
You won't find a more robust boot than the Grasmere. It's basically an old style WW1 military boot. Extend the leather up the calf, two buckles and you are there. I am considering asking Tricker's to make gaiters for them. Very difficult to get trad. ones now.
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